South Sudan youth in Winners Charitable Initiative

By Bathumi Ayul - Khartoum

South_Southese activists in Sudan Support, Educate poor Families on Coronavirus
A group of youths from South Sudan in Khartoum the capital of Sudan undertook a voluntary awareness initiative called "The Winners Charitable Initiative" . according to their announcement, they said they are targeting the people of South Sudan in Sudan.
In a statement to Al-Mashhad, Yar Dutt" said that they are a group that was established on the twenty-third of April starts its activities from Khartoum she explained that the re are a large group with multiple committees led by Chuang Wat Yang, explaining that since the virus appeared with the policy of closure, many families who were working to earn food were affected by their manual work, which was stopped with the policy of closure in Khartoum. In our question to her about the funding, "Dut" said that as volunteers, they depend on their own potential, explaining that why thier support came late, indicating that they made a fund to collect their donations first, and later, compassionate hearts joined them.
"Yar" revealed that they have now visited a number of families in the local market and were provided with food items, then later they will go to other places around Khartoum, and the neighborhoods where families from South Sudan lives in poor conditions, revealing that the conditions of refugees inside the camps are better compared to those in the neighborhoods. Yar, who talked in behalf of the initiators, explained the needs of the families in Khartoum after conducting field surveys to foodstuffs, tens, hand sanitizers, Masks and soaps. She added that besides all this, they educate families and give them a message that includes how to protect themselves from the Corona virus (COVID19)
In a statement of the South Sudan Defense Forces spokesperson today said that the leader of the 7th October movement Carpino Woll have been shot and kill after four days of heavy fighting. “ luol Rawai” the South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF) spokesperson confirmed that the south Sudanese businessman, Carpino Woll, and the former detainee, the leader of the "7th October" movement, who announced its founding last week was killed at Ayen Mayar village in Amukopiny, east of Rumbek state.
Lol explained that the leader of “7th October Movement” Carpino Woll was killed after a four-days offensive operation between government forces and forces loyal to him, resulted the killing of Woll with two others who were with him. On 5th June Carpino announced rebellion against the government of South Sudan; establishing his movement “7th October Movement “ vowed to fight the ruling party that led by Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of the Republic■