Hon. Charles Bakkabulindi's Sports Achievements 2005 - 2019

Sports has proven to be a cost effective and flexible tool in promoting peace and development. The Ministry of Education and Sports has continued to effectively deliver on its mandate within the government priorities in order to achieve its mission of “Maximizing opportunities for all Ugandans to participate and excel in Sports.
The former Sports State Minister and workers Member of Parliament Hon. Charles Bakkabuliddi believes that Sport is a key catalyst for social cohesion, national building and a major catalyst for the transformation of Uganda in achieving its Millennium Development Goals.
Hon Bakkabuliddi who served in the position for 14 years recognizes various stakeholders for their positive roles and contribution to the development of sport in Uganda.
He attributes the success of his tenure of office to the visionary leadership of the Sports sector, Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC), Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA), Uganda Boxing Federation, (UBF) Federation of Motor Sports Uganda (FMU) and other Government Ministries/Departments for the different roles they jointly play to promote sport in Uganda.
Great recognition goes to the athletes/sports personalities who have worked tirelessly to achieve success and fly the Uganda flag high not only regionally and continentally but globally. It is important to note that the Ugandan athletes have exceptionally marketed Uganda across horizons.
‘’ We appreciate the voluntary efforts of the Executive Committees of National Associations/ Federations for the exceptional leadership of these bodies. Utmost appreciation goes to the sponsors for their generous contributions through funding of sports programmes. Hon Bakkabulindi told the Workers Eye in an exclusive interview that he is contented with his contributions.

When Hon Charles Bakkabulindi took over as Sports State Minister in 2005 the whole Ministry had a budget of Ugx.400 million for sports which has now been increased to Ushs .26b due to his efforts. .
Presidential Stipend
He said the President of Uganda through State House continues to implement the Presidential monthly stipend to top excelling Ugandan athletes with the aim of rewarding and appreciating athletes who win medals at International competitions and consequently facilitate their training for future events. Since its inception in 2012, several athletes have benefitted from the scheme until they retire from active competition. The monthly motivational aspect allows Gold medal winners to receive Ushs 5 million, Silver medalists Ushs 3 million while Ushs 1 million for Bronze medalists.
Formulation of the Physical Activity and Sports (PAS) Bill NCS
He said the Formulation of the Physical Activity and Sports (PAS) Bill NCS is fast tracking the adoption of the Physical Activity and Sports Bill (PAS Bill) in order to streamline the legal framework that governs the sports sub-sector which is yet another milestone achievement that cannot be overlooked. The PAS Bill once adopted shall repeal the NCS Act of 1964. Equally, the Bill proposes for the establishment of the Sports Development Fund, establishment of the Uganda Sports Institute, establishment of a Sports Tribunal and establishment of an Office of the Sports Registrar to register, regulate and license sports organizations
Partnerships with the corporate world
The Sports sector continued to initiate several partnerships with the corporate world,both locally and internationally that resulted in the implementation of many sports programs and securing of sponsorship deals for sports development. Notably among these include CORSU, Arsenal FC, JICA, Japanese Embassy, Chinese Embassy, British Council, UK Sports, and MTN Foundation etc. Under such arrangements over 200 athletes with injuries from different sports disciplines benefited from the expertise of visiting Canadian medical personnel. The MP attributes the success of his tenure to continued collaboration with other government ministries and sectors He said the Ministry entered into partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the sports diplomacy department. The aim of the partnership or working relationship is among others to ease acquisition of visas for travelling sports athletes through the Ministry’s recommendations, enable government to track team Uganda’s travelling delegation, link with Foreign Missions. Uganda qualified for Africa Cup of Nations finals for the first time in 39 years in 2017 and returned to AFCON in 2019. Joshua Cheptegei won silver at 2017 London World championship, won 2018 Commonwealth Games 10,000 metres in Australia, and won World Cross Country championship and scooped gold at 2019 IAAF World Championship in Doha, ■