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The Uganda Journalists' Union vision is to become a leading Journalists’ Trade Union in Africa, 

Objectives of UJU include among others:-

(a) Make every endeavor to obtain just and proper rates of wages through Collective Bargaining, proper working hours and other conditions of employment, to negotiate and promote the settlement of disputes arising between employees and employers by conciliation, arbitration or otherwise, and generally safeguard the interest of the members.

(b) To defend and extend the Freedom of the Press in the collection of information, freedom of opinion and comment, and freedom in the dissemination of news and respect for equality and human rights. Attain equality of status for all working journalists regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion and age.

(c) To assist members in securing training and employment opportunities.

(d) To assist in funeral expenses of a member of his/her immediate dependants, relieve in sickness, accident, disablement, unemployment and victimization among others.

(e) Raise the standard of journalism by adopting a Professional Code of ethics by association with other organized groups working for similar objectives within and without Uganda.



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