UNATU and Science Union clash over salary increments

By Clement Wangira.

Uganda Professional Science Teachers Union (UPSTU) has warned that the union shall not tolerant voices that are against government policy on salary increment for science teachers.

UPSTU General Secretary  Mr Mugaiga Aron Magambo told the Workers Eye that they were disappointment with trade unionists who are promoting marginalization against the implementation of government salary enhancements for science teachers.

He said it is unfortunate that Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) supported the marginalization and discrimination of scientists in the education sector during the implementation of government policy on salary enhancement for scientists in 2018.

Mr Mugaiga was responding to media reports where UNATU General Secretary Mr. Filbert Baguma said salary enhancement for science teacher would create discrimination between the scientists and  humanities.

He said Uganda professional science teachers’ union  UPSTU is a fully registered labour union and UNATU should not talk on its behalf.

Science Teachers broke away from the Uganda National Teachers Union, UNATU last year to form an independent Union, Uganda National Science Teachers Union that brings together all the Science teachers in the country. They blamed UNATU for having failed to support the government policy on salary enhancement for science teachers that saw teachers scraped off from the list of beneficiaries in 2018.

 UPSTU national chairman  Mr. Elong Vincent called on public sector trade unions to be united  with one voice on collective bargaining regardless of who is getting what.

He said in the financial year 2018 -2019 government came up with a policy on salary enhancement for all scientists and science teachers were part and parcel.

” UNATU fought Science teachers  and discriminated in support of humaity teachers. This is the same game being played now by union leaders .

Mr. Elong said salary enhancement for scientists is cutting across all sectors, Ministries/Departments like Local Government, Public Service, Police. UPDF,  and all those sectors have employees of humanity but nobody talks about discrimination.

 This is the time for all actors in teaching profession and the entire labour fraternity to show solidarity by supporting the government policy on increasing salaries for science teachers. They should also engage government to roll out the program further to humanities.

He warned that science teachers through their union, Uganda professional science teachers union will not entertain what they referred to as cheap survival politics being displayed by actors who are just looking for personal short – term gains benefits

Mr. Elong thanked the entire national leadership the union including regional and district coordinators whom he commended for having worked hand in hand tirelessly  in ensuring  the union registered teachers from all government schools countrywide.

“The storm is over by God’s grace. We now encourage cooperation and positive attitude towards the progress of Science teachers’ welfare and teaching of Science Subjects in our country. We must enhance science and technology in the country and the world at large,” he said.

On 25th August 2021 Uganda cabinet resolved to increase pay for science professionals including, science teachers, tutors and lecturers in public universities as a strategic intervention to build a knowledge-based economy.

President Museveni has for long committed to enhance the salaries  for medical practitioners and other scientists, saying the government is focused on developing Uganda using a science-led development strategy■

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Mr.filbert baguma and his group have failed to know their let them leave scientists alone.we are nolonger part of their group.


I’m one of the arts teachers but I disagree with UNATO Secretary comments one side benefiting is a step ahead and next is to harmonise. we need to avoid ecocentric hearts and minds, science teachers’ association is registering progress and we need to embrace and appreciate. Bravo keep it up no retreat no surrender.

Unatu should find away of convising the government to increase teachers salary instead of fighting for the down their fall.l

Am too supporting strongly the UPSTU leadership for all what they are doing,let the fire continue burning.For God and my country

UNATU is primary trs union led by primary trs now the Bagumas who’s SST tr cannot address correctly the interests of bios,phy,chem and maths trs in Post primary institutions if we can find our colleagues arts trs advise them to make humanity/arts union and break away from UNATU coz it’s primary trs union

UNATU has been a based primarian headed association that is narrow minded in fore thinking of the science nation led economy. UPSTU will soon put our country to where we want our children to be. Thanks allot Mr chairman for the struggle. We are behind you in prayers

Let UNATU leave issues of scientists alone. Let their leadership know that we are no longer their members and we are not going to subscribe to UNATU any more.

UNATU is primary trs union led by primary trs now the Bagumas who’s SST tr cannot address correctly the interests of bios,phy,chem and maths trs in Post primary institutions if we can find our colleagues arts trs advise them to make humanity/arts union and break away from UNATU coz it’s primary trs union

UNATU should learn from there past mistakes and learn to network with UPSTU rather than fighting it. I am no longer a member of UNATU and I don’t regret my decision.

Enough of this UNATU, they failed to manage their own affairs now they want to do what is likely to benefit them in a short run.

UNATU should get serious, sincerely when they can’t give way to science teachers to enjoy pay rise 🙆🙆😭😭 how will they ask for salary increment. They should use that chance to present their issues afterwards.

UNATU is primary trs union which refers to Uganda National Primary Teachers Union UNAPTU, leaders in it primary trs the Bagumas they cannot address issues and interest of teaching phy,chem,bios,and maths in secondary Schools
Big up UPSTU and our leaders.

Thank you very much Mr kiplangat.
As teachers we need to support each other in our struggle for better pay.
When science teachers’ pay increases, it presents a better argument for a commensurate pay for art teachers.
Rather than discourage the Government move to increase science teachers pay, art teachers should view this as an opportunity to bargain.

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