Workers MP Dr. Byakatonda delivers 2026 promises in 100 days

By Clement Wangira.

Newly elected Workers Member of Parliament Hon Dr Abdulhu Byakatonda, the “anchorman” has assured workers that he has fulfilled significant 2021 – 2026 manifesto promises within first 100 days.

 The legislator who, launched a curtain raiser to his manifesto implementation immediately after being elected on January 18, 2021, has been vigorously embarking on capacity building for labour unions and empowering leaders .

He has offered transport, financial and other logistical support to labour unions to train and recruit members with view to building a progressive membership base for continuity.        

Hon Byakatonda said time has come for leaders to stop the dependency syndrome of labour unions by building capacities of union geared towards self sustainability and relevancy in serving their members.

The legislator said he promised to offer two brand new double – cabin pickups one for National Organisation off Trade Union (NOTU) and the other for Central Organisation of Free Trade Unions (COFTU), and he has  delivered.

He said he has procured and made available five vehicles at the disposal of Labour unions to use in their day programmes as organize workers in the country.

Hon Byakatonda was speaking  to the Workers Eye magazine  to review his first 100 days  as a Member of Parliament representing workers.

“ I have intensified the motorcycle loans scheme to trade unions for mobilization, recruitment and easing of  transport impediments,” he said.

 The legislator assured workers that he is building a bigger network of trade union leaders through whom cooperative societies for workers would be established to serve the Labour fraternity.

.He said:” Labour unions should register cooperative societies and saccos so that they create self sustaining incomes. I shall continue empowering unions in their work,”.

The former Chairman Departed Asians Property Custodian Board (DAPCB) has so far offered transport and logistics to several unions to mobilize, train and recruit members in the countryside.

He said :|” Let trade union leaders work with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government in creating an enabling environment that ensures employers and workers harmonize labour relations.

“ The NRM government is committed in ensuring it creates an enabling environment for harmonizing labour relations between employers and workers,” he said.

During campaigns for January 18, 2021 Parliamentary elections for Workers Hon Abdulhu Byakatonda promised action – oriented programmes  and he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a man of action.

For that first time in many years, transport problem has been resolved and it is the labour unions that are not organizing activities for their members■

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