PSI unions advocate for quality public service delivery

By Clement Wangira.

It is evident that employees’ commitment to increased efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery has not yet been utilized to the full potential due to poor working conditions experienced by service providers.

Public Service International (PSI)
unions are now urging Uganda government to make concerted national effort to address service inefficiencies in the public sector with the aim of making the public service more efficient, effective by promoting transparency and decent work in Electricity, Water and Waste management.

The public service union members from the three sectors disclosed that the performance of public service workers in both the public and private sectors have come under increasing pressure to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, reduce their demands on improved wages, reduce on the numbers of their employee  but maintain the volume and quality of services supplied to the public.

This was during dialogue with Public service unions in the sectors of Electricity, Water and Waste management to forge way forward on ensuring decent work as a measure to improve public service delivery in the sectors.

The Public Service International Secretary for English speaking Africa Dr Everline  Akechi  told the Workers Eye that there is  need for government to support public service workers in ensuring effective service delivery.

” There is need to improve the basic needs of all  citizens to help advance economic growth and development,” she said..

All employees confirmed that they know exactly what is expected of them according to service delivery standards of quality.

Kampala Capital City Authority and other government agencies  should involve contracted employees in setting up standards and creating awareness.

Dr Akechi emphasized need for the policy makers to be in the know how of  challenges affecting the performance of employees in order to get possible remedies to the factors affecting performance and delivery of high quality services. “Public institutions should constantly strive towards improving their service delivery’’ She said.

The workers attributed poor waste manage practices in Kampala to lack of regulatory frame works and lack of adequate policy  on waste management to meet the current challenges..

They called for the repealing of the KCCA Ordinance on garbage managmenet  to help the country mitigate climate change issues to provide clean energy as well as creating employment opportunities.

Public service workers observed that employee performance measurement in terms of efficiency,  productivity and timeliness working conditions. They cited periods ranging from working time hours of work, rest periods, and work schedules inline with remuneration. They also noted the physical conditional demands that exist in the workplace such as job security, assurance that you will be able to work in your job as long as you  impress and will not become unemployed. A principal focus of many reforms aimed at improving service delivery is therefore to strengthen performance.

The question needs to be asked constantly how service delivery can be improved. It is especially important that those who are closest to the point of service delivery  are asked how to improve performance.

The most important traits of the public employee should be total commitment or loyalty to the public good, strict avoidance of conflict of interests, and self-restraint. The public servant should maintain a balance between commitment to the public good and obedience to administrative and political superiors

Increasing openness and transparency implies letting customers know how an institution is achieving the promised standards of service delivery and how non-delivery is addressed and perceived by customers■

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