Kenyan official survives Kshs 67b case after documents vanish

By Our Reporter.

The plans to charge former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Mr Henry Rotich over loss of nearly Kshs 67 billion for construction of dams in Kerio valley have run into headwinds after critical documentary evidence vanished from secure court coffers.

This deals a major blow to President Uhuru Kenyatta who was expecting to wrap up the case to appease angry donors unhappy with his fight against high level corruption.

Kenyatta was hoping to wrap up the case before he retires in August with the consolation that he has jailed some “big fish” who are better still allies of Deputy President William Ruto.

Now documents relating to the scam in which Kenya paid a shadowy Italian firm facing bankruptcy some Kshs 67 billion before it had even cleared the site of the proposed dams , have gone missing.

Nobody is speaking but the loud silence is typical of the way deals are cut brokered and executed in Kenya’s graft  prone corridors of justice where the “highest bidder” always prevails.

Senior government officials aware of the raging Uhuru succession are playing safe saying no one knows who will be calling the shots after the curtain falls on the Kenyatta regime.

The Arror and Kimmoror dams were meant to be built in the semi arid vast Kerio valley to provide water for irrigation, create jobs for the youth and produce electricity for industries.

The cattle rustling prone region widely described as bandit country would have undergone an economic transformation but most of the cash was lost to corruption as the Italian firm has since been liquidated.

Western donors and multi-lateral lenders have faulted Nairobi for failing to reign on corruption saying President Kenyatta had not convicted a single top official despite billions stolen from public coffers. Donors expect the new regime in Nairobi come August to be more committed in prosecuting and jailing graft suspects many of who are said to enjoy state protectionâ– 

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