Motivation is key to increased productivity

By Hon Agnes Kunihira Abwoli.

Motivation means being guided into action in a manner that makes you feel vigorous and excited or enthusiastic.  When an employer motivates a worker, of course she or he will be activated into action which enables him / her to produce good results that are beneficial to the enterprise / factory or industry.  On the other hand productivity is the result of the interplay of several factors to change materials into finished goods or services at a work place.

The law of production demands that both management and workers must fulfill each a number of roles in order to solve the equation.

  • These roles / or the check list on the side of management are given here as under:-
  • To provide a safe working environment in the work place.
  • To provide enough materials, tools or equipments.
  • To ensure that the machines are in good working order.  (safe and sufficient)
  • To ensure that workers know how to use these machines (give training or skills to the operators)
  • Protect workers against accidents by providing protective gears e.g Gumboots, uniforms, ear makings. Welding glasses, helements just to mention but a few.
  • Provide all the necessary information on key factors for instance, warning signs, chemicals used in the factory, caution on dangerous substances e.g. fumes, dust, moving machines, slippery floors e.t.c
  • To pay workers well and in time.
  • To honour and respect labour laws and CBAs
  • To provide work place facilities e.g toilets / wash rooms, canteen , sick bay, telephone call e.t.c


Like management workers too have many roles to play in order to complete the equation I talked about earlier, these are:

Strictly follow / observe the company regulations / rules.

  • To honor and respect their work
  • To obey their supervisors (Colossians 3-22-25)
  • To always come in time (don’t come late)
  • Don’t take a French leave (leave without permission) because it will interrupt production.
  • Always come to work when you are sober to avoid making mistakes.
  • Seek for information and consultation where necessary.
  • Be honest (Don’t steal company assets or your workmates property)
  • Be proud of your work (what we call self esteem or being contented with what you have.
  • Ensure good cooperation with management.
  • But all these said for both sides there is one important element missing on the side of management and this is MOTIVATION without motivation the workers morale will be down and consequently production will go down.  So all managements of the world do the following to motivate workers as one of the tricks to increase productivity.
  • Provide workers with incentives e.g bonus, pay over time, lunch , break tea, transport , medical care or allowances and many others.
  • Be friendly to the workers (have a sense of harmony)   you will win their hearts.
  • Put in place opportunity for promotions.
  • Make provisions for recreation (Both indoor and pitch games can help.  Also concerts and discos help a lot to motivate workers.

In Norway for example I visited a fish parking industry where they have a policy to periodically organize social evenings for their employees together with their spouses as a motivation to the workers.  They also give annual prizes to the best workers, in the factory, similar to what some companies and FUE do here in Uganda.

Above all the employer should attend to workers problems and appreciate them even if they were personal use good language to the workers and don’t forget to say thank you■

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