Uganda Gov’t plans to recruit 13,000 teachers

By Sarah Nansikombi.

Uganda government has announced plans to recruit about 13,315 teachers that will replace those who did not return to class when schools reopened in January this year after two year covid – 19 lockdown, officials said.

 Commissioner for Teacher Education and Training, Mr Jonathan Kamwana, said about five percent of the 347,219 teachers in Uganda quit the profession and joined better paying jobs.

He said the situation is more alarming after about 17,360 teachers left the professional and joined other sectors of the economy including some flying to work in the lucrative jobs in the middle East countries.

Mr Kamwana was speaking on the  current Teaching profession after lifting of two year covid – 19 pandemic during journalists’ briefing at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

He said the Education Ministry has started recruiting teachers to  fill the vacancies  that were created by educationists who were disgruntled during covid -19 pandemic culminating in desertion from the profession.

  “ We are facing big challenges in identifying  and recruiting teachers that will replace  those that joined other businesses .” he said.

The official used as example of a journalist leaving the profession and becoming an entrepreneur or a public relations officer of an organization, and is easily replaced and life continues unlike teachers who are completely abandoning theirprofession.

Mr Kamwana said the ministry has already submitted a report to  the National Council  for  Higher Education (NCHE)on phasing out of  primary teachers colleges.

He  said NCHE  inspected and verified infrastructure at all national teachers colleges that  will be transformed into Uganda National Institute for Teacher Education (UNITE) campuses.

According to government plans the establishment of UNITE is set to begin July this year where teachers with grade III and grade V qualifications must upgrade to become graduate teachers by August 2028■

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