LOP asks govt to set up salary review commission

By  Sarah Kibisi Acen.

The opposition in parliament has called for the establishment of a salary review commission.

This was revealed by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP), Hon. Mathias Mpuuga while giving accountability of the one-year performance of opposition in parliament before the media.

While replying to the question on the current art teachers industrial strike and also the awaiting Uganda Local Government Workers strike slated 6th July, Mpuuga said that they warned the government early before they proposed a move to consider only increasing salaries of scientists. 

Mpuuga said that as opposition they are concerned and they pray that government comes out with equitable salary increments for all teachers and public servants.

He however emphasized the need to establish a salary review commission and enactment of the minimum wage law.

In the same development, the LOP is requesting for more budget allocation.

According to the opposition boss for the last 15 years the office of the Leader of Opposition has been receiving 3.4b which is insufficient to run the office.

He said the office is largely affected in its operations due to less manpower, and other operations caused by less funding of the office.

Mpuuga added that for recently only 300m has been added to the LoP office which is still a drop in the ocean.

He further justified the need of more funds to the office saying that out of the 109 opposition MPs only 50 researchers are employed which is far from the ratio of required number of employees.

When asked about the Ushs 40m bonaza that MPs received, he denied receiving the 40m bonanza saying that he is not aware that any MP got the money as its being alleged.

Mpuuga said that unfortunately he has not been called to receive the money and it is upon the giver of the bonanza and those who received to come out and clarify to the public.

He said apparently it is hard to take any action against any opposition member without concrete evidence of receiving the money and if there’s anyone who picked the money, it’s upon themselves  to be disciplined and respect their dignity and return the money.

Mpuuga noted that he has already written to different opposition leaders to inquest themselves into the alleged bonanza and if proven factual, action should be taken against the purported members. ■

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