What’s new in the relations of Uganda and Saudi Arabia

By Our Reporter.

In November last year, Foreign Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo invited investors from Saudi to explore sectors of agriculture, mining, tourism, health, information and communication technology and “expand its import of products from Uganda to include fruits, vegetables, spices, milk and cereals, in addition to the invitation to take advantage of the investment incentives provided”.

Ties between the two countries have also stretched to areas of health where Saudi extended support to Uganda to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

“The state of Uganda benefits from the amount of one billion US dollars being invested in developing African countries implemented by the Saudi African investment program to alleviate the burden of Covid-19 on the African continent,” the envoy stated.

Recently, Saudi Arabia embassy has solved problems of many Ugandan workers who have had some accidents, despite the fact that this measure is not within its competence, but it reflects its interest and keenness on the safety of Labor and improving its conditions, and in appreciation of the strong fraternal and friendly relations between the two countries.

Recently, the embassy of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Uganda has provided many forms of humanitarian support to the Ugandan people, such as contributing to alleviating the humanitarian crisis in the karamoja region, which was provided by the embassy on the twenty-first of last July and received by the prime minister , and also provided more than six different food support campaigns to help those in need and support for relations between the two countries, as well as providing monthly support to those in need, in addition its relief during Ramadan and other seasons.

The Saudi Arabia supported the launch of the Islamic Development Bank, in which it owns more than 25% to support the Ugandan economy in both government and private sectors. Moreover, three development projects worth about 300 million dollar have been approved and the tender is expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2022.

Many observers believe that it is wise to take advantage of the experiences and expertise of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of oil, financial system, combating terrorism, developing commercial systems, training employees and workers, reducing unemployment and increasing the number of entrants to the Saudi labor market.

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