UPSTU Statement on missed pay enhancement by some science teachers, instructors, tutors and lab technicians

By Our Reporter.

We have received complaints from some of our members about the anomalies in the expected pay enhancement for all science teachers, tutors, instructors and Lab Technicians/ Assistants in Schools. We have confirmed that a score of our members are victims of underpayment or missed on the due pay enhancement yet they are scientists/STEM subject teachers.

The UPSTU leadership has dug out deep into this matter and observed that the pay enhancement was automatically generated by MoPS and therefore some science teachers were omitted and or their pay scale not detected as scientist’s scale by the system. We also found out that majority of these affected members were not on the science salary scale even before the enhancement, this is very unfortunate!

 *AVOID:* _The propaganda moving on that some categories of science teachers teaching some subjects have been removed from the pay enhancement. That’s not true and cannot happen. UPSTU is watching everything closely and we shall stand with all our members until they receive justice._

For clarity of records, any of the science teachers, tutors & Instructors teaching at least one of the STEM subjects listed below is supposed to have enhanced pay. Whoever missed on pay enhancement is a victim of under payment & wrong salary scale as a result of the system errors:

i. Biology

ii. Chemistry

iii. Physics

iv. Mathematics

v. Agriculture

vi. Food and Nutrition

vii. ICT/Computer Science

viii. Technical Drawing

ix. Carpentry & Joinery

x. All engineering related disciplines in Technical, BTVET & Polytechnic Institutions

 Way forward

1. The affected members should individually write to the CAO/Town Clerk stating clearly;

👍this challenge of underpayment,

👍request for pay adjustment to the right scale and

👍ask for arrears of the missed pay for the month of July 2022 and August, 2022. State the amount demanded in arrears after adjusting by what you received on account.

Members are advised to attach their appointment letters and posting instructions which indicate at least one of the STEM subjects listed above. You can copy this letter to the Permanent Secretary, MoPS and General Secretary, UPSTU and hand these copies to the District/Regional coordinator, UPSTU for easy follow up by our Union.

2. We have guided our Regional & District co-ordinators  to avail themselves to help the members by following up the matter with the Personnel without delay.

 The affected members should be patient as we go through this process.

3. None registered members are advised to first fill UPSTU Membership Forms and submit them to our Regional/District Coordinators*

NB: _We want to congratulate all science teachers whose pay has been enhanced and urge all of you to become more committed and concentrate on your job, avoid unnecessary arguments while at school, support your union UPSTU’s programs, provide enough time to students, do research, promote innovation and creativity, produce better results not only in terms of grades but also equipping the learners with skills for a more productive and prosperous society. When we create a visible difference at our work, we will cause justification for even better pay and we will be rewarded beyond this._

UPSTU will remain committed and in incontestable position of pursuing interests of all the scientists in education sector  ■

Solidarity forever!

Science for Development and Transformation.


General Secretary , UPSTU

Dated 11/08/2022

20 replies on “UPSTU Statement on missed pay enhancement by some science teachers, instructors, tutors and lab technicians”

Thanks Gen Aaron for the endless effort for the welfare of scientists. But the other issue is: only scientists lab technicians and assistants are being talked about.How did the issue of enhancement of nurses in education sector end?

UPSTU the voice of all Scientists in education sector.
Congratulations to all Scientists in education sector upon this mile stone achievement.
Great thanx goes to NRM govt through HE for remembering Science teachers who were abandoned long time ago.

Thank you so much our dear beloved upstu leaders for spearheading our struggle until some of us are already there and we dearly pray for the rest of our colleagues whose salaries are yet to be enhanced that God through those responsible should see them through soon, once again thanks a lot.

Most science lecturers in NTC haven’t recieved July and August salaries up now and no official communication is made to us

Most science lecturers in NTC haven’t recieved July and August salaries up now and no official communication is made to us, we also need to take our children to school.

Thank you so much for the highlights. You have really given us a clear head light to follow, at least we know some one is ahead of for a successful struggle. However, I would like to know about the fate of Instructors of English/life skills in the technical schools/ community polytechnics.

Thanks for the work done so far so good Iam by Names of Sabiiti Aquilinus currently workshop assistant at Rugando technical institute but as you are awear nothing has been enhanced on workshop assistants but I like to have the district coordinater of UPSTU of Rwampara District

GS and CP I would like to thank you for carrying the cross of all scientists in education sector to a level one never imagined amidst all the resistance from big shorts. However the coding process is still incomplete and humble appeal is to see how we can quicken the process. Thanks 🙏. SOLIDARITY FOREVER

I thank all of you in the struggle and hard Technical and vocational schools,we have both workshop Assistant and work shop Technicians,are they all in the program or for only Technicians ?

Thanks for all that you did as far as salary enhancement is concerned.
It’s very unfortunate that all that was done Workshop assistants in Technical institutes, Technical Colleges, Technical and Vocational schools were left out and no clear answer or direction is known up to now. Although always marginalized but we are doing the same work like lab assistants in Secondary schools.

Thanks so much for tireless efforts our beloved leaders of UPSTU. May you continue with that zeal.
I also thank the government of NRM for the good vision and Zeal to stand with science family.
I congratulate colleagues whose pay was enhanced including myself.

I missed the enhanced salary for July and August 2022. But I have already started the process of applying for rectification of the mishap. Thanks for the guidance.

Thks for serving the union. The challenge is getting a letter from the Hm to the CAO. Some Head teachers are not willing to write a letter. What should we do please?

I’m confused because I was told to apply to the PS through Commissioner Teacher Education Development and Training and through the Principal of my College for the issues of science salary. My combination is MTC/PES and I’m appointed for PES yet on the ground I’m teaching MTC Education also, don’t I qualify for the science salary enhancement?

Personally my salary was not enhanced

Chemistry/mathematics. Ntungamo district

But l have written following all guide lines

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