Demonstrations against Sudanese Military leader set

By Our Correspondent in Brussels.

A group of exiled Sudanese political activists, human rights activists and civil society organisations are planning a peaceful demonstration against the Sudanese military leaders led by General Abdel Fattah Al- Burhann.
The demonstration that will take place on October 4th at 11h in front of the European Commission in Brussels, aims at raising awarness regarding human rights violations in Sudan and the abuses that the government of Al Burhan committed against protesters.
We call international community and UN Human Rights Council to stop these violations and stop violence against women and political dissidents as well as human rights and political activists.
Sudanese protesters have been met with violence by government security forces including killings, enforced disappearances, torture, sexual violence against women, beatings, arrests, and detentions.
After the demonstration, representatives of the Human Rights organizations will hand a letter to H.E Joseph Borrell to call for immediate action and stop human rights abuses .
According to a special on the relationship between Al-Burhan and the Islamists
Ali Karti is responsible for planning and direct communication between Al-Burhan and the Islamists on the one hand, and between Al-Burhan and international and Western pressure groups on the other hand, they demand for the return of Islamists to the joints of the state in state and local governments takes place under direct supervision from the office of Al-Burhan, where the former regime controls the capital, Khartoum, by 57 percent all ministries, councils, authorities and localities, as well as the rest of the states, in varying proportions.
The report says arrangements are being made to build a public incubator for the proof, which began in distant states such as Sharq
Sudan. The incubator consists of community figures, civil leaders, and youth organizations including students and women
They say some parties composed of Islamists, which are a creation in favor of Gosh, such as the Future Party. She now plays in the scene in favor of Al-Burhan, while maintaining her confidential and informational connection
There are media rooms of Islamists in a new guise, working on the manufacture and formation of opinion
under the auspices of Al-Burhan and his library, including the Khartoum Mobile Film Festival, the structure was also dismantled .
Media on national television and national radio for the benefit of the Islamists and under the direct supervision of military Intelligence and the dismantling of Khartoum State Television and Radio is now underway.
A large number of state media institutions were closed under the pretext of budgets.
The topic is a systematic work to obscure the world from the scene, the Islamists’ decision-making rooms and kitchens are now being returned in favor of Al-Burhan
through academic universities and the most prominent universities that work directly as kitchen-making.
A decision is the University of Khartoum, Mamoun Hamida, and International Africa, as well as a number of councils, the departments of the various private colleges, and university rooms are among the most affected.
“You have a shining star that summons suspicion and the return of the intelligence office of the People’s Security to work, and the reconstruction of the shadow battalions is underway”,said an official who did not want to be named.
He said; ” The work is now arranged in an orderly manner and with a wide spread.”
There are rooms that work on the front of the Al-Tayeb Al-Jedd initiative and operate within the private sector and companies.
Islamist companies operate under the direct protection of military intelligence in return for percentages ranging from 57 to 03% of the dividend returns. They are now demanding for
unblocking Islamist accounts that were seized by removing more than
073 accounts, re-register and unban Islamist voluntary organizations and resume their activities.
They want campaigns to attract loyalists eho were not vaccinated, but they were subjected to injustice because of the law.
But the elements are creating tribal and regional problems to create more injustice and problems among the components of society.
The direct support of the Government of Qatar and their continuous attempts to influence Jibril and Minawi (Support of $5 billion is arranged by Jibril) and there are arrangements for the establishment of the Qatari Bank in Darfur.
The subversive elements are creating opportunists to circle around national figures in bid to weaken an them.

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