Government should investigate NCS and officials

By Stephen Ouma Bwire.

The latest developments in the Uganda sports fraternity indicating gloss corruption has threatened to tear apart the National Council of Sports (NCS) and sports associations.

Accusations by sports association’s officials that the NCS General Secretary Mr Patrick Egwel extorts money from the associations by making officials sign for more money than they recieve, must be investigated by IGG.

The whole matter culminated in the two officials Ms Sarah Babirye Ķityo (Netball Association) and Mr Moses Muhangi ( President Boxing Federation) being sent to Luzira prison over accountability matters. But to the consternation of the sports fraternity the Inspector General of Government’s directive to NCS General Secretary to refund Ushs 100 million obtained under dubious circumstances, has not been effected. The National Council of Sports has been marred with allegations of corruption at the top level management. Dr. Patrick B. Ogwel, the General Secretary of National Council of Sports (NCS), is yet to give convincing defence on allegations of soliciting for kickbacks. Recently, Uganda Netball federation patron for western region Gaffa Mbatekamwa asked the Select committee of Parliament to ensure Dr Ogwel steps down from his role as the General Secretary to pave way for further investigations into his illegal corrupt activities at the council. The sports fraternity has kept wondering why the General Secretary seems untouchable even when allegations labeled against him are serious and require investigations. Sports pundits wonder why it’s his juniors that keep visiting Criminal Investigations’ Department (CID) offices for investigations and even some have had to check-in at Luzira Resort prison on allegations of corruption. Eight national sports federations have so-far appeared before the Select committee of parliament alleging several issues including corruption and lack of equity in sports funding allocations at the helm of the sports council. Its imperative that these corruption allegations should be investigated in order to save the face of National Council of Sports and the sports fraternity in general. For the last 20 years , but especially during the 15 years that former Sports State Minister Hon Charles Bakkabulindi was in office NCS flourished high devoid of bickering over money and corruption. Hon Bakkabulindi would appoint a board comprising credible personalities in the country who cared for the sports grassroots development programs. The IGG should therefore probe all officials and if need be prosecute culprits found culpable and disband the NCS board without fear or favour. National Council of Sports (NCS) is a statutory organ whose establishment, status and powers are enshrined under The NCS Act of 1964, to among other things; Develop, Promote and Control sports activities in Uganda on behalf of Government, under the Ministry of Education and Sports■

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