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A Ugandan sports journalist Ms Allen Nantume, has fled the country to save her life after local residents linked her to the banned LGBTI practice.The journalist who was attached to Top radio, one of the outlets under the Life Christian Ministries media Group, is said to have been an underground lesbian recruiting  girls in schools until recently when her cover was blown out.A well – placed source said on May 15, 2022 Ms Nantume was arrested by police after a tip off over her sex orientation in relation to workshops she attended and was seen coercing and recruiting young female participants.

There was pandemonium after  a brief arrest of nine people in the vicinity including her partner Emily Kuteesa, and were whisked away  in a tinted mini bus.Sources in Nkumba, a suburb off Entebbe town, said during the arrest Ms Nantume was beaten and bundled on a Police patrol pickup and driven to unknown location.

She said during her detention she was sexually assaulted, dehumanized and degraded by security operatives as police questioned her “pretence” of claiming to be a man when she is a woman.When Nantume was released on Police bond  she decided to run away on May 23, 2023 and temporary settled in South Africa. But her partner Ms Emily Kuteesa is said to have been detained incommunicado and efforts by a Lawyer to file Habeas corpus so that the state produces her court was all in vain.Security agencies are under instructions to enforce the Anti – Homosexual Act in bid to arrest and prosecute promoters of homosexuality in the country. The new law has one of the worst harshest measures including 10 and 20 years sentences including heavy penalty for harboring, aiding and promoting LGBTI.

Ms Nantume said it was against that background that they felt worried about the safety of Emily Kuteesa since it was becoming increasingly clear that her whereabouts would remain uncertain.Local and foreign investors in the hospitality sector that covers hotels are becoming more and more worried and careful with their guests since the anti – homosexuality law slaps a 10 year jail sentence plus heavy penalties  on those who accommodate LGBTI members.Ms Nantume has had unpleasant life that while in South Africa she fell victim of  attacks  with the November 4, 2022 Xenophobic attack on her life.

She said a gang of knives – welding  men assaulted them sexually.Efforts to seek medical attention were thwarted by the uncompromising attackers who criticized and attacked everyone at the health centres they considered were foreigners.Ms Nantume said it was a golden chance when Uganda was scheduled to play at the World Netball Cup in Australia.  “I requested her supervisor at Top Radio  to assign me duty to cover the  Netball World Cup in Australia and the company  accepted  to sponsor me,” She said.. The media practitioner said she used the chance to seek protection overseas and she left daughter with a friend. The main reason why she left South Africa was because foreigners were being discriminated, dehumanized and even killed.Ms Natume said she is now praying that the Australian authorities grant her asylum to settle and evade the wrath of Uganda local residents attacking her and being prosecuted by authorities..

This year Uganda enacted the anti – homosexuality Act 2023 to prohibit any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex, prohibit the promotion and recognition of sexual relations between persons of the same sex. Punishment for the offence upon conviction ranges from 5 years, 10 years and life imprisonment  including heavy penalties. .


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