MPs slam World bank on anti-gay law halting Uganda funding

By Sarah Achen Kibisi

A section of Ugandan Members
of Parliament have asked
the World Bank to re-study
the anti-gay law instead of making
decisions based on ignorance of the
recently passed Anti-Homosexuality
Act 2023.

Speaking to journalists at parliament
recently, Bugiri Municipality MP,
Hon. Asuman Basalirwa the mover of
the act said that the decision taken by
the World Bank to suspend loans to
Uganda was based on ignorance and
lack of knowledge.

Basalirwa told journalists during
a press conference that some of the
issues that the World Bank allege
that the act promotes discrimination,
denies health rights to some people
especially the LGBTs is non inclusive
are untrue.
Basalirwa tasked the world bank
and its legal team to restudy the act
passed especially section 14 and the
constitution of Uganda to become
more enlightened on the accusation
of discrimination as it portrayed.

Bufumbira East MP James Nsaba
Buturo said the world bank is using
Uganda as a yardstick to scare
other African nations who are also
condemning the LGBT acts.
Meanwhile, Tororo Woman MP
Sarah Opendi has asked the World
Bank to stick to its core values of
supporting economic, and social
developments and eradicating
poverty than interfering in other
countries’ social values.
Basalirwa explained that in the short
term, Uganda may suffer but in the
long term the situation will normalise
since government is holding some
negotiations with other foreign states.

Buturo added that Uganda has enough to take care of its people as
long as government can reduce on
wastage expenditure, corruption and
prioritize resources.
“World Bank is controlled by super
powers. We call on government to
utilize the resources good to help our
people,” noted Buturo.
Meanwhile, Tororo Woman MP
Sarah Opendi reminded the World
Bank to stick to its mandate of
supporting economic and social
developments and eradicating
poverty instead of meddling in the
social values of other states.

Buwamba County MP, Hon.
Richard Gafabusa described the move
by the global bank as intimidation
and blackmail. He added that the
services they inject in money have
equally benefited even the minority
they claim are discriminated against.
Gafabusa reminded them that just
as they have their values even Uganda
has its own values.

“We are not about to repel the
law but let them go back and read
through the act well and they will be
informed to make a better decision,”
said Gafabusa.
Nakawa East MP, Hon. Ronald
Balimwezo warned the world bank
that Uganda will not relent in its
decision and allow its values and
morals destroyed at the expense of

Balimwezo applauded the president
and asked him to bring to book all the
corrupt officials, stop tax exemption
exercise and reduce on wasteful
expenditure among other things.
“We will not kill our culture and
values because we want money. We
took a decision to join hands for this
act to be passed in order to protect
our children from homosexuality,”
added Balimwezo.

It should be remembered that
President Museveni has recently said
that government is negotiating with
the Global Bank.
The (World Bank) Washington,
D.C.-based institution stated on
August 8 that it will temporarily halt
project financing while it reviews
the measures it had implemented to
safeguard the rights of sexual and
gender minorities within its projects.
Their decision has since caused a
lot of discomfort among Ugandans,
social media and international players
to mention but a few■

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