Meps decry discrimination of women and minorities in Iran

By Our Correspondent

On the occasion to mark the first anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini and the rise of the “women Life Freedom “movement in Iran calling for freedom, gender equality and social justice, members of the European Parliament have addressed a petition to the high Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Mr Joseph Borrell .

They called on Mr Borrell to address the situation of women and minorities in Iran and their marginalisation by the regime mainly the Azerbaijani minority which represents more or less a third of the Iranian population. The non – Iranian populations suffer from cultural, linguistic, economic, political and ecological discrimination which marginalises their populations and make them vulnerable.Iran uprisings raises for the first time the fate of non – Iranian women and populations who are discriminated against and deprived from their civil and political rights .

The iranian revolution calls for equal rights for every citizen no matter his or her religion, ethnic background , political affiation or social background . Thanks to Human rights organizations and media groups especially journalists who work unconditionally to reflect the reality on the ground in order to provide the European Union and the international community with real information such as Guney AZFRONT TG channel which coordinates the current struggle for freedom and rights of Southern Azerbaijanis but also Arabs, Baluchis, Turks and Kurds.By addressing a petition to the high Representative Mr Joseph Borrell, Members of the European Parliament show solidarity with women and minorities and support their fight for freedom and justice as well as call the Iranian regime to stop the economic, political and military pressure on women, ethnic and religious minorities.

It is a reminder that the EU has never forgotten the sacrifices of the Iranian people and their fight for democracy a year after the uprisings. The EU supports civil society organizations and media in iran and continues to put pressure to enable ethnic groups to participate in social , economic and political life with dignity .

Credit: Manel Msalmi


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